Wild Thing has been unleashed!

Our new local beer uses fresh, wild hops from Langland Bay, designed to encompass wild hops picked less than 24 hours before, known as “green”, i.e. before they dry out, releasing a fresh authentic flavour. The result a stunning, bitter/sweet 5.6% beast of a beer!

New beers created by national and international breweries are often hailed by ‘themed’ advertising and ‘heritage’ branding, designed to create a false provenance and history for supposedly artisanal products. In contrast I am using quality ingredients and natural real-ale brewing methods, creating a unique, single-batch ale: The use of locally sourced wild-hops, skilful blending of quality ingredients, rigorous brewing practices and correct storage, creates a natural, local ale without unnecessary additives. The malt comes from Warminster Maltings, a high quality, small scale, traditional, floor malt house, sustaining the natural environment and local community.

These values are at the heart of Mumbles Brewery. To celebrate the successful expansion of the brewery into new premises, the new single-batch ‘Wild, Green Hopped Pale Ale’ is available at a number of pubs as listed on our page “Where to Buy“.

Rob Turner
Head Brewer

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