Brewing is our life, beer is our water so don’t waste time drinking all kind of other things which won’t make your life better.

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You never forget your first sip

Mumbles Brewery beers are available in casks, mini casks and bottles throughout the Swansea area and further afield.

Established in 2011, Mumbles Brewery Ltd is committed to producing quality real ales with a local flavour. Brewing beer locally has reduced “beer miles” and expanded the range of real ales consumed in the area.

Regular beers are Mumbles Gold, Mumbles Mile, Lifesaver, Oystermouth Stout (using real oysters supplied by Mumbles Oyster Co) and India Pale Ale. Every beer is distinctly unique, crafted from a diverse range of carefully chosen ingredients. Find out which pubs have taken these beers recently.


Rob Turner

Founder, Director and Head Brewer

Rob has lived in Mumbles for seventeen years. He studied Economics and became a lecturer before switching to student counselling, running the service at Swansea University for eleven years before leaving to set up Mumbles Brewery.

Rob is not economical at Mumbles Brewery but generous and practices advanced empathy towards every carefully chosen ingredient, nurtured into full development as beautiful ale, each uniquely lovable!


Peter Turner


I joined Rob at Mumbles Brewery as a partner to enable the brewery to move to new permanent premises and to grow to a viable size.

I have always had a passion for excellent beer an am interested in developing good quality products, particularly those with unusual hops or unusual tates. Previously I spent my working life in major organisation as a senior Human Resources practitioner.


Brewing Assistant

My passion for beer has been at the forefront of my career as a bartender and driven me to explore the brewing process at home, before joining Rob and the enthused spirit of Mumbles Brewery in 2018.
I too like any ale from creamy stouts to bone-dry IPA’s; there’s a beer to suit any time!